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(514) 823-5473
Direction de recherche : 
Dr Xavier Olleros, Département de management et technologies, ESG-UQAM
Co-direction : 
Dr Réjean Hébert, École de santé publique, Université de Montréal
Principales réalisations
Le management d'une thérapie médicamenteuse dans un écosystème de santé connectée

ACFAS 2017 - Université McGill

Numéro et titre de votre communication : 7183 - Le projet de prévention en santé des populations : la santé connectée et la transformation des pratiques médicales
Domaine de recherche : 109 - Santé des populations

Titre de votre session : Les aspects du vieillissement et des soins infirmiers

Jour de votre session : Mercredi 10 mai 2017
Horaire de votre session : 09 h 00 à 12 h 00

Le management stratégique du projet de transformation numérique d'une pratique médicale

ACFAS 2017 - Université McGill

Numéro et titre de votre communication : 7206 - Le management stratégique du projet de transformation numérique d'une pratique médicale
Domaine de recherche : 406 - Nature, transformation et gouvernance de la société et des institutions

Titre de votre session : Pratiques et technologie en santé et environnement

Jour de votre session : Vendredi 12 mai 2017
Horaire de votre session : 09 h 00 à 11 h 30

A conceptual framework for the management of ethical dilemmas in a connected health ecosystem

ASAC 2017 - 29 mai au 2 juin 2017 - HEC Montréal -

In ecosystem business research, the competitive dynamics of organizations is expanded beyond the traditional notions of rivalry. This is particularly true in a connected health ecosystem when innovative organizations collaborate to create joint value. However, joint value creation is an external process for innovative organizations while each of them maintain  internal values and norms that might lead to ethical dilemmas within the innovation ecosystem.The research paper is aimed to present a conceptual framework to understand how do the ethical dilemmas between the ecosystem stakeholders  are managed and resolved.  The next step to the research is a proof-of-concept study on a connected health project for the monitoring of medication intake through home health care of the elderly

Keywords : Connected Health Ecosystem, Elderly Assisted-Health, Ethical Dilemmas, Joint Value 

Organizing drug therapy monitoring for the elderly and their caregivers in a sustainable homecare ecosystem

IRNOP 2017 - 11 au 14 juin 2017 - 

In most industrialized countries seniors make up the fastest growing age group (Canada, 2014; WHO, 2010, 2011). All Canadian provinces health systems are concerned since patients over the age of 65 are among the top users of healthcare resources (Quebec, 2012). In Quebec, as of July 2016, the proportion of people aged 65 and over was estimated at 18.1% in 2016, 25,2% in 2031 and 28,5% in 2061 (Québec, 2016). A constant medication monitoring is crucial to maintaining a satisfactory condition since persistent pain is highly prevalent, costly, and frequently disabling in the older patient’s life (Makris, Abrams, Gurland, & Reid, 2014; Weiner & Rudy, 2002).
Unfortunately, currently, medication monitoring is far from being secure, due to frequent errors, from the loss of medication to confusion in medication intakes. When the elderly struggle with multiple disease states and chronic conditions, medication regimes that are not well controlled might be a source of drug misadventures and adverse effects, including morbidity and mortality (McDonnell, Jacobs, Monsanto, & Kaiser, 2002). Mismanaged medication is also an important driver of hospital admissions, increasing health costs (Osterberg & Blaschke, 2005). Therefore, the research and development firm MediPense (MediPense, 2017) is working on a smart personal medication dispensing and remote monitoring solution that can assist seniors with their medication management in their homes. MediPense is joining its
efforts to the RxPense® firm (RxPense, 2016) taking in charge the whole range of device commercialization, in Quebec and in other Canadian provinces and territories. The RxPense technology has the potential to transform the medication intake monitoring practice through smart digital surveillance. The research here proposed is a preliminary proof-of-concept study of organizing medication monitoring for the elderly and their caregivers within a business ecosystem of homecare where the social, ethical, economic and policy implications are considered.. It aims at describing and explaining how and why RxPense is adopted and how it might reduce hospitalization costs while increasing homecare quality.

Keywords : Business Ecosystem, Connected Health, therapy monitoring